Fixation's Limited-Release Range

Only a select few beers make their way through the incubation period to graduate to the status of Freshly Hatched. These limited-release beers from Fixation Brewing have been skillfully honed and crafted to deliver the very best example of their style.

Our Freshly Hatched series always provide a canvas for local artists to showcase their creative talent. There is an extraordinary depth of talent within Melbourne’s artistic community and the many creative spaces based near Fixation Brewing’s HQ - the incubator.

Freshly Hatched #12 - Ghost Chips (New Zealand Hazy IPA 8%)

Fixation Brewing + Devil's Candy

For Ghost Chips, the Freshly Hatched release #12, our label has been created by Devils Candy.

Devil’s Candy (DC) started as two friends wanting to stay creative after studying, despite their jobs, whilst being attached to Melbourne’s vibrant music scene.

DC started in the late 90’s / 00’s (e.g., Custard, Magic Dirt, Grinspoon, Dinosaur Jr etc) and initially created screen-printed, gig posters for bands, and sold them out the front or at the merch stand.

Devil's Candy went on to create visual art for hugely popular Australian/International artists, Tour Managers & record labels e.g., Queens of the Stone Age, J. Mascis, Brant Bjork (Kyuss), & Mushroom Records.

From Tom Delmont (Fixation Brewing co-founder)

“I’ve always loved the boldness of great visual art coupled with awesome music, they go together like a spam email and my mother opening them.

Whether the art is displayed on tour posters, albums, t-shirts or whatever else, it is a critical addition to the musical work the accompanies it. A gig poster has a powerful impact on the tour, and whether it gets noticed by the target audience, or not.

So how did we land on Devil’s Candy? Well, I am still in contact with a lovely fellow Todd who runs the beers at Busselton Cellars, WA. Todd played guitar in Warped and an album from the Geelong rockers called “On the Make” possessed an iconic album cover (to match the tunes) we had seen, there were little masked cherubs, a shrine to a Gibson guitar, with a range of eye-catching colours. It’s beautiful!”

From Leigh Jenner & Glenn Thomas (DC artists & co-founders)

“Devils Candy developed through the love of music and art and the possibilities of the two merging together. DC continue to create under the influence of wall-to-wall music with a desire to explore all boundaries of art. Our work has been exhibited all over Australia over the years and we have always loved the genuine personality of low budget underground work, through use of imagery, typography, colour or more importantly lack of colour, subject matter, and the limited circulation…”

GHOST CHIPS is available for a limited time via select independent bottle-shops, a handful of good beer venues, online at our store, and via ‘the incubator’ Fixation Brewery - 414 Smith Street, Collingwood.

We endorse playing loud music while sipping this big, hazy, hoppy, dangerous drop – enjoy.

Freshly Hatched #11 - Double Down Brown (Coffee India Brown Ale 7%)

Fixation Brewing + Small Batch Roasting Co.

When we wake in the morning we reach for the coffee. When the afternoon rolls around it's beer time. But if you could have both...

Double Down Brown is a Coffee India Brown Ale that we have brewed in collaboration with Andrew Kelly and his team at Small Batch Roasting, the sustainable coffee experts and great friends in North Melbourne.

Fixation Innovation Brewer Sean Rynne and Andrew worked closely together to select the perfect roast to blend seamlessly with Sean's India Brown Ale and landed on their Halo Hartume beans from Ethiopia.

A full-bodied coffee India brown ale with subtle roasted malts and Simcoe hops designed to let the citrus notes from the coffee shine through.

Don't like reading? Check out the video to see how the collaboration happened!

Hops: Simcoe.
Malt: Pale, Carafa Special 2, Caramunich 2, Carared.
Yeast: American Ale. 

Coffee: Ethiopian
Halo Hartume. One of Ethiopia’s finest.
A washed Yirgacheffe by Daniel Mijane.
Other ingredient: Brown Sugar.

Can Art: @damiankellydesign


Freshly Hatched #10 - Party Party Party! (Cold IPA 6.8%)

For our 10th Freshly Hatched we worship the party gods and introduce the three-headed party machine!

What the hell is a ‘Cold IPA!?’ Glad you asked. This style combines the best elements of crisp lagers (refreshment, drinkability) with IPA hopping techniques that maximise hop expression to deliver a clean drinking hop bomb like you’ve never tasted. Pale straw in colour with hop notes of pineapple, melon & citrus.

Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic & El Dorado

Malt: Premium Pilsner, Flaked Rice

Yeast: Lager

Can Art: @champagne_nicko

Freshly Hatched #9 - 24HR Mini Golf (Oat Cream Double IPA 8.4%)

24Hr Mini Golf is a double dry-hopped Oat Cream Double IPA. With a smooth, lush mouthfeel and hints of pineapple, coconut creamand juicy citrus sweetenss, this one is a devilishly drinkable brew.

Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic & El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Rolled Oats, Malted Wheat

Yeast: Bluestone New England IPA

Can Art: @artoftrog

Freshly Hatched #8 - Death Haze (NEIPA 6.2%)

From Dookie to New Wave, Stranger Than Fiction to Losing Streak, we all have our favourite Siren Song of the Counter Culture! Get a tall can in the air, Hombre, and Sing The Sorrow. But don’t Go cry for Blood and Empire – it won’t do ya’ no good: we present to you the Indestructible Death Haze!!

A huge tropical hop punch from the show-offs - vocals & lead guitars (think orange, guava, ripe pineapple & passionfruit) with a light malt sweetness (jangling rhythm guitars), gentle bitterness (the all-important bass guitar) and a soft pillowy mouthfeel (the forgotten rolling of the  drums).

Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic & El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Rolled Oats, Malted Wheat

Yeast: Bluestone New England IPA

Can Art: @thrshwlf

Freshly Hatched #7 - MezDorado (Kettle Sour IPA 6.8%)

MezDorado is an El Dorado dry hopped Kettle Sour IPA with organic agave syrup, orange, lime and premium Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul mezcal. Tart & salty, with subtle mezcal notes of earth and delicate smoke, and a slightly aged oak finish.

Hops: El Dorado.

Malt: Pale, Wheat.

Yeast: US-05, Lactobacillus.

Other: Agave syrup, orange, lime, mezcal, American oak chips.

Can Art: @justinemcallister

Freshly Hatched #6 - Pink Guava (Fruited IPA 5.8.%)

Pouring a lush peachy pink, Pink Guava combines a wheat IPA base with lush citrus driven hops and guava puree (added post fermentation for sweetness and balance). Slightly tart and refreshing, this approachable IPA is a holiday in a glass and perfect for summer.

Malt: Pale, Vienna, Rolled Wheat

Hops: Citra, Amarillo

Yeast: US-05

Other: Guava Puree

Can Art: @george_rose

Freshly Hatched #5 - 30666 (Imperial Red IPA 9.666%)

For the fifth instalment of Freshly Hatched, we give you ‘The 30666’.

Pouring the colour of a blood red moon, 30666 brings a taste of danger to the bottom end of Smith St. Those brave enough to enter will find lashings of pine, candied apple and a bourbon like alcohol sweetness, wrapped up with punchy bitterness and a surprisingly dry finish.

Can Art: @travispriceillustration

Freshly Hatched #4 - Social Space (Oat Cream DIPA 8.5%)

Released during the height some global event we'd rather not remember, Social Space is the 4th Freshly Hatached release.

Remember high fives? Hugging? Nah, neither. A decadent hazy low bitterness hop bomb with notes of coconut, sherbet, lime & grapefruit. Social Space is hug you didn't know were missing.

Can Art: @ellenporteus

Freshly Hatched #3 - Danker Things (Hazy IPA 7%)

Hazy with intense dank pine & tropical aromas. Balanced, moderately bitter, crushable.

Hops: All USA, Mosaic & Citra

Can Art: @bleedingdrumsmurphy

Freshly Hatched #2 - Dreamseeker (Juicy IPA 7.3%)

Woah.... did I just wake up from a dream? Or am I still in it? Dreams are crazy... anyway, this is an extravagantly hopped IPA. Crack it open and make your lupulin dreams come true.

Dreamseeker is the second beer in Fixation’s Freshly Hatched series of one-off, limited release beers born out of their home, the incubator.

Can Art: @ruskidd

Freshly Hatched #1 - The 86 (Hazy IPA 6.2%)

First cab off the rank was The 86, a Hazy IPA.

The 86 was the very first beer brewed at the incubator and has been consistently the highest selling. It picked up a Gold medal at the 2019 AIBA’s and just last week nabbed a Gold at the Indies.

Named after the 86 tram that runs past the venue on Smith St, the beer is a tribute to Fixation’s home in Collingwood.

Label artwork was created by Callum Preston, a member of well-known Collingwood street art crew, Everfresh, whose studio is just around the corner.

Can Art: @callumpreston