The Incubator

Our Incubator tasting room is where we dream our hoppiest ideas and make them happen. We might be dedicated to IPA’s but that doesn’t make what we do routine by any means. Fresh new beers dropping every week and awesome plant based pizzas from our neighbours Red Sparrow.Hard seltzer, cider, wine and soft drinks available for those less fanatical about hops. 

Walk Ins Only. No Reservations.


On Tap at the Incubator:

Fixation IPA 6.4%

Obsession - Session IPA 4.6%

Little Ray - Hazy IPA 5.2%

The 86 - Hazy IPA 6.2%

Danker Things - Hazy IPA 7.0%

Hoppy - Hoppy Lager 4.4%

Fuzzy Logic - Oat-Cream IPA 6.5%

Blurred Logic- Oat Cream IPA 7.2%

30666 - Imperial Red IPA 9.666%

Killed By Death - Red IPA 5.5%

Social Space - DBL Oat Cream IPA (500ml can)

Limited Release Cans

Being obsessed with IPA’s means being obsessed with the freshest beer possible, and you can’t get any fresher than straight from our tanks. Enjoy your year-round favourites as well as some Incubator special brews, including The 86 and Easey Street IPA’s.

If you are feeling hungry, we allow BYO food or our good mates and neighbours at Red Sparrow Pizza have you covered. Offering vegan-friendly wood-fired pizzas, you can order at the bar and have it delivered directly to your table. Red Sparrow only available during their opening hours. 

We don’t need to hold tours as the brewery is snug against our bar. Any closer and we’d have to get your help with cleaning down the fermenters! Instead, relax and enjoy your beer and one of our team can point the fun stuff out.

Tasting room / hours

414 Smith Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

Wed: 5pm - 10pm 
Thurs: 5pm - 10pm
Fri: 4pm – 10pm
Sat: 12pm – 10pm
Sun: 2pm – 7pm
Mon Tues : Closed For Brewing With Take Away Available.

With plenty of space, we are a walk in only venue with the exception of groups of 10 people or more.

We are a BYO food venue. Red Sparrow Pizza also available at the bar during their opening hours. for enquiries.
No bucks / hens parties.