The Incubator

Being obsessed with IPA’s means being obsessed with the freshest beer possible, and you can’t get any fresher than straight from our tanks. Enjoy our year-round favourites & Freshly Hatched limited releases, and our Incubator-only brews: we are constantly brewing new and innovative creations just to be served at The Incubator. 

We have some great food options on our end of Smith Street and we allow you to bring in whatever you like to eat as a BYO Food venue. In saying that, we sell awesome Falco toasties behind the bar and our neighbours, Red Sparrow Pizza, will even deliver a vegan-friendly, wood-fired pizza direct to your table!

We don’t need to hold tours as the brewery is snug against our bar. Any closer and we’d have to get your help with cleaning down the fermenters! Instead, relax and enjoy your beer and one of our team can point the fun stuff out.

Tasting Room / Hours

414 Smith Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

Wednesday: 5pm – 10pm
Thursday: 5pm – 10pm
Friday: 4pm – 10pm
Saturday: 12pm – 10pm
Sunday: 2pm – 7pm
Mon & Tues: closed for brewing

With plenty of space, we are a walk in only venue with the exception of groups of 10 people or more. Enquire at